Why Soft Skills are more important than you think


Securing a seat in a good Engineering college is an uphill task in itself. Once a student has put his foot into the gateway, his focus is to learn the nuances of Engineering. And he lays impetus on gaining the hard skills which could land him to his dream job. When a student of Engineering reaches the third year he realizes that his knowledge, projects and assignments and test scores would not really suffice. He should be able to make an impression during the interview process, to walk through the golden gates of his Dream Company. Other students with the same hard skills are a stiff competition. Now what is the differentiator and how do they make an impact??

A survey of 303 employers across the country by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) in 2010 found a majority of graduates lacked adequate “soft skills” to be employed in the industry. As per the report, 75 per cent of technical graduates and more than 85 per cent of general students are unemployable.” Not taking soft skills as an essential skill is like asking for irreparable damage. Not only does an engineering student need these skills to make a head start in the job market   but they are needed to sustain the job as well.

Soft Skills are harder to learn since they involve unlearning your instinctive reactions (which were never questioned during your entire life) and replacing them with a more deliberate approach to win in every situation. Having said that, I would like to assure each and every reader that, it is not that a student can’t be brought to pace and taught this subtle art. Yes art!  Now that explains why it is so evasive!!

Colleges know that they are answerable and their success not only depends on giving the working knowledge of engineering to its students but also, the Return on investment of the money time and energy can only sustain their position as leaders.

Every college worth it’s salt is working on making students future ready, they are not only restructuring the existing learning system , working on acquiring unprecedented industry patronage and striking strategic international alliances for a holistic development but have included applicative soft skills program in their agenda.

Being a Communications Trainer, I have been working with various corporate and colleges and

One such college I have had the pleasure to work with is Arya College, Kukas Jaipur.

Arya College realized it in time that, Automation and Artificial Intelligence will result in a great proportion of jobs relying on Soft Skills. Thanks to the cutting – edge technology, task that require hard skills are continuing to decline making Soft Skills as the key differentiator in the work place. Their determination to adapt and fit into the ever changing industrial environment is extremely practical and a need of the hour.

Arya has formed a cell, called Student Development Cell (SDC) to adapt their services to the ever changing environment. Without wasting time, Arya has overhauled the entire approach towards student development. It has a very process driven SDC, which consists of extremely experienced trainers and their method of training is experiential. Which means no soft skills can be effectively taught to a student without involving his mind and it should call for an action at his end too. Just like one can’t be taught to cycle without practically getting on a cycle. Similarly one can’t be taught the Art of communication and presentation or attending an interview successfully without practically going through that process. SDC makes sure that they simulate the entire process of interview, so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to its students.

The SDC at Arya College takes its students though the four layer of simulation, to do away with the fear of English Language, basics of the language are taught to the students in the first year. Then comes, the preparation for Verbal and Aptitude tests in the second year. The third year is dedicated to technical trainings related to the concern branch, professionals and trainers are invited from the industry for a meaningful learning of the student. While the fourth year is the year of mock group discussions, debates, interviews skills, body language.

Arya calls industry specialist for the simulation of the interview environment to give its students a flavor of variety.

No wonder their industry alliances for on campus placements are swelling by the year. The robust placement is a result of a very systematic approach towards meeting the industry need and fulfilling the commitment Arya makes to its student. Fine tuning the student’s skills for a rewarding career has adequately paid off Arya turn into an industry leader!

Girl Education..

“if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.”

In a society where women were worshiped as Durga, the invincible once, Laxmi the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity and Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and nature. Today we see them struggling to get even a semblance of respect. The discrimination is palpable and heart wrenching.

Discrimination on the basis of group, class category or gender. Discrimination in all aspects of life , even Education. Despite Literacy being fundamental for participating in society. Adult Literacy rate has been a serious global worry.But it seems we are yet to mellow down as a society and respond to the need of the hour.

There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India. Effective literacy rates in 2011 were 80.9% for men and 64.60% for women. Rajasthan has the lowest literacy rate I;e 52%. The condition is lamentable and we as society need to reform the situation before it gets further low.

Not just the government, It is the responsibility of the educated class to step in, facilitate women education and help minimize the inequity. The inequity of opportunities offered to a woman viz a viz man..Helping her quench her thirst for knowledge, empowering her with tools of independence and allowing her the dignity with which she deserves to live !! Half of the world consisits of women. And her being unedcuated doesn’t help the situation. Giving women their place as equals and not as a base citizen whose job is to serve the men without any say in the matter.

The voice of the reasoning and the clamor for help can’t be ignored anymore. The capable will have to pitch in and closing one’s eyes to the issue is no more an option.

It’s heartening to know that some of the people and organizations have assumed responsibility to bring in a silent but very effective revolution.   Arya College is one them It has chosen to respond to the call and took upon itself to be a part of the journey of emancipation. The journey which women are today undertaking and breaking ground like never before. Arya College wants to make it’s contribution to help women soar and take on unprecedented challenges, without guilt.The guilt which society has since time unknown forced on women, when they seek anything beyond what is voluntarily offered to them.

Arya College is contributing towards the cause, by providing free education to women and helping her realize her dreams of a dignified life and a life of purpose.The College has very magnanimously opened up more than 201 seats worth almost 6 cr.in response to ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign. They are committed towards creating opportunities and giving their time and effort to nudge women in the direction of education and progress. The simple fact that so many women are drawn to work outside the home despite criticism demonstrates the monetary and psychological importance of education and employment for women.

When women are breaking the mold and the challenging the outlook that women are fit only for filling very docile roles in the family and are incapable of taking any meaningful decisions. In response to this regressive an hostile thought process, Arya College has chosen to Lead by example and make it a tad easy of young women to prove their mettle and grow to glory. Be it providing free education, employment, and empowering her with skills or helping groom her personality from an unsure and self-doubting individual to a very confident and enlightened woman, who has imbibed Aryan value system.Values, that encourage women to strive to develop and pursue higher standards. Arya has paved a path for others to follow.

Arya College is a Premier Source for Education, Workforce Training, Partnerships and Economic Development. The management at Arya College has highest of expectations from their underling,as Arya gives them the means to bring the best in it’s wards leaving no stone un turned when it comes to quality education, breaking educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.They are dedicated to meeting the needs of the nation.