Virtual Graduation Ceremony: Best Innovation during COVID Lockdown for Higher Education Institutions

Recently, a Tokyo based University in Japan held a virtual graduation ceremony due to existing conditions of Coronavirus pandemic. Students connected with the university administration through video-conferencing applications and they were displayed on mobile robots. According to Arya College Jaipur which is the best b tech college in India, these reforms indicate that the scope of technology in digital education is very wide especially after the Coronavirus pandemic where social distancing for avoiding crowded places has become the new normal. The use of robots to denote the physical presence of the students presents a better option for celebrating events like a Graduation ceremony and at the same time maintaining social distancing. 


Although this new experience will be very different for the students, such advancements show that with the best technology in hand, there is nothing impossible. Being the best university for b tech in India, at Arya Group of Colleges Jaipur, it is believed that this technology can play a useful role in distance education particularly in situations where students cannot be physically present at the university but can be represented through humanoid robots. In addition to this, the students enrolled in our college in various technical courses can learn the most about robotic technology. Thus, they can receive the best placements in renowned multinational companies where they can utilize their knowledge to make robotic technology much better. 


In addition to this, the online graduation ceremony is not only useful in distance education but it is also time-saving for working professionals. According to a top private engineering college in India, this enables them to achieve a perfect balance between their work, family, and higher education. As it is quite difficult to carry out part-time studies while working, initiatives like online convocation are just another step that will boost the online learning facilities at higher education institutions like colleges and universities. Arya College provides students the best learning opportunities concerning robotic technology with its advanced R&D Robotics Lab

At Arya Main Campus which is the best private university in India for b tech, innovations have always remained at our core so that we can return maximum to society with the help of technological advancements. The Virtual Convocation Ceremony and such other similar technology will bring transformative changes in the existing higher education system in the future. Thus, with the use of robots the requirement for physical presence might end and it can be a boon especially in case of distance learning. 

Truth about Coronavirus by Dr. Arvind Agarwal

The global pandemic condition COVID-19 is a matter of concern for all due to its lethal nature. The scientists, researchers, and doctors all around the world are contributing their efforts for finding the accurate treatment and vaccination for the Coronavirus. In the current blog Dr. Arvind Agarwal, President, Arya Group of Colleges Jaipur has shared his views about Coronavirus that how and why the virus was developed in the lab, the conspiracy theory and the precautions needed to be taken to overcome the virus. Quality research work has always remained a major priority for Arya College Jaipur which is the top engineering college in India. 


Coronavirus is caused by SARS-CoV-2 which is a positive and single-stranded RNA virus and belongs to the family of enveloped coronaviruses. The virus is one of the largest among the RNA viruses and the genome is about 29.7 kb. The coronavirus is said to cause mild to lethal respiratory tract infections in humans. The mild versions include the cases of common cold while the lethal versions of the virus can cause diseases like SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. Till now there are no vaccines and antiviral drugs available to treat the corona infection. All the students and faculty members of Arya college main campus and the public at large can highly benefit from the information provided in the blog. 


According to the conspiracy theory, the virus has been manufactured in the lab of China and it has similar characteristics to SARS-CoV that also spread from China. World Health Organization (WHO) got to know about this after 6 months when it became highly lethal. A similar situation repeated this time also and to avoid any blame on any particular country, SARS-CoV-2 which is an extension to SARS-CoV has been given the name COVID-19. Moreover, the manual progression and transmission of the virus developed in the lab of Wuhan are one of the important basis of the conspiracy theory through which China wants to prove its diplomacy over other countries of the world.  


Despite the worldwide efforts to contain the Coronavirus, hotspots continue to emerge and the positive cases are on a high rise. The COVID-19 pandemic like all other pandemics will be going to end when the virus will not be having enough susceptibility to infect the humans. As of now, no permanent treatment is available and the development of Herd Immunity is assumed as one of the means to stop the further spread of the Coronavirus. 


Therefore, on behalf of Arya main campus, the top private engineering college in India, we request all of you to stay home and stay safe. Follow the necessary guidelines and instructions issued by the government like social distancing, wearing a mask, using sanitizer, washing your hands regularly with soap, avoid going outside except in emergencies etc. All this will help us to fight against Coronavirus and the further spread of the virus.