Role of E-learning in boosting Higher Education System during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and the education sector is the worst affected and till now there is no confirmation regarding the reopening of the educational institutions. Arya College which is the best B Tech college in India has emphasized e-learning during the lockdown period and believes that such transformation in the education sector will have long term impacts in the future. Many applications and e-learning platforms have been launched by the Government to help students continue their studies without many obstacles. Although there is no alternative to classroom teaching, in the present scenario online learning has emerged as one of the effective means of learning. 

As the best private engineering college in IndiaArya Group of Colleges has a team of dedicated faculty members who are regularly preparing and updating content and are delivering through live sessions. Thus, students can continue their studies safely in the comfort of their homes. One of the benefits of online education is that the faculty members apart from imparting education for regular courses keep on improvising and adding to the skills of the students. All this helps in the holistic development of the students as they can gain knowledge apart from their regular studies. For instance, we have an Advanced Robotics Lab where students can learn the most advanced concepts about the field of Robotics and can learn how robotic technology can assist in improving working especially in times of Corona pandemic. 

Being the best private university in India for B Tech, at Arya College Jaipur we believe that this new hybrid model of education will have significant outcomes and the integration of information technology in education will accelerate the learning process. Thus, online education will form an integral component of the education system soon, and even after the condition will be normal again, both the faculty members and the students can use the digital learning platforms to communicate with each other in times of urgency. Several students across the globe were enjoying the benefits of e-learning but in countries like India, the concept is new and has gained pace only during the lockdown phase. 

According to the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, online education has a bright and prosperous future only if the students have access to the right technology along with necessary ICT tools. Although the effectiveness of this mode of education varies among different age groups, it is a means to boost conceptual learning and develop new skills. At Arya College Main Campus, we have highly experienced faculty and top-notch educational facilities in all the major engineering courses and assist students in building their bright and successful career ahead. 

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Live Session on importance of Mental Health in the present scenario of COVID-19

We are all shocked by the sudden demise of Bollywood film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. According to reports, it was revealed that he was suffering from depression for the last six months and was taking treatment for that. But nobody knows the real reason why he attempted suicide at such an early stage. This incident reflected the importance of good mental health and wellbeing of individuals. Taking into account all this, Arya College Jaipur, Main Campus which is counted among the top 10 private engineering college in India recently organized a live session on Facebook on 16th June 2020 to discuss the role of mental health in the existing time of Corona crisis particularly the psychosocial issues that have emerged as the result of the pandemic. 

Our panel of experts included renowned doctors from all over India who expressed their views on the topic:

  • Dr. Arvind Agarwal (MBBS (CU) India, MD – Psychiatry, USA) President – Arya Group Of Colleges Dr. Vimal Kumar Sharma (Prof. Of Global Mental Health Research- Univ. of Manchester)
  • Dr. Sanjay Jain (Sr. Prof., Dept. of Psychiatrist, SMS Medical College, Suprident Psychiatric Centre, Jaipur
  • Dr. Kusum Gaur (Sr Prof. Community Medicine, SMS Medical College, Jaipur (Raj,)  
  • Dr. Lokendra Sharma (Sr. Prof. Pharmacology Coordinator. ADR Monitoring Center, SMS Medical College, Jaipur Under PvPI, India)
  • Dr. Anil Sharma (MD, MBA) Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine Dept Of Psychiatry Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Dr. Divya Sharma (Medical Officer, CO Investigator, NMHS – Rajasthan, Psychiatric Centre, SMS Medical College, Jaipur)

Being the best b Tech college in India, we understand that depression can occur at any stage and students can also get affected by this. Thus, the discussion was highly informative and all the experts suggested that we should always keep a positive outlook and progressive attitude for better mental health. 

Although lockdown has been opened to some extent, still the last two to three months created an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear in the minds of people. For example, professionals and workers employed in various sectors are experiencing extreme mental pressure as companies are laying-off employees due to a shortage of funds to pay salaries. Thus, at Arya Main Campus, all the experts in the live discussion emphasized that proper counseling and interaction should be maintained with such individuals who have recently shown symptoms of the initial stage of depression. As the best private engineering college in India, we are also aware that many fresh graduates who are job ready are not able to find jobs in the market. All this creates tension and pressure in the young mind and provokes them for suicidal attempts. Moreover, health professionals who are fighting with Corona and facing stressful conditions might also experience depression to some extent. 

The entire discussion was very interactive and on behalf of the Arya Main Campus, we thank the prestigious panelists who joined the live session and expressed their views on how we can attain optimal mental health during tough times like Corona. We are the best university for B tech in India that offers quality placements to students in top multinational companies. Hurry Up!! Admissions are Open for the Session 2020-21.

A Live Interactive Session with respected Kiran Maheshwari Ji on Atamnirbhar Bharat

Recently, Arya College Jaipur organized a Facebook live session on 12th June 2020 and the topic of discussion was ‘Atamnirbhar Bharat’. The key speaker in this session was respected Kiran Maheshwari mam, MLA Rajasmand. The program was moderated by Dr. Puja Agarwal (Vice-President, Arya College) and discussion was made on how we can achieve self-dependency in various sectors and simultaneously boycott the Chinese products. These initiatives will not only help in boosting the economy of the nation but will also help in gaining self-sufficiency in a wide variety of aspects. As the best B tech college in India, we believe that education and awareness can play a major role in this as young minds can devise innovative solutions by utilizing technology. 

Economic development is possible when we have strong basic infrastructural facilities primarily in the education and health sector. Being the best private engineering college in India, we believe that our country has everything in terms of skill and talent but we are not utilizing it fully. Further, our young generation has a mindset that only foreign goods have that brand quality, and our local products have no comparison with foreign products. Thus, initiatives like ‘vocal for local’ started by our Prime Minister under the Atamnirbhar Bharat campaign are urgently needed. Thus, we should not only use local products but also promote the benefits of these products. 

In addition to this, at Arya Group of Colleges, we know that the right education gives the correct direction to a students’ life, so our education system should be such that it promotes students to be job providers and not job seekers. In this way, they can contribute to solving global problems like unemployment to some extent. As we are the best university for B Tech in India, we provide ample opportunities to students through facilities like RTU Innovation and Incubation Centre for Start-Ups to express their innovative ideas. Thus, all such efforts will result in better development and prosperity of our nation. 

The present era is considered as the digital age and technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are playing a vital role especially during the Corona pandemic. We have developed a range of robots at our advanced R&D Robotics Lab which is of great assistance in avoiding human contact. These robots are employed at hospitals and places like restaurants to improve services in the crisis time. Thus, at Arya Main Campus we are supporting the Atamnirbhar Bharat campaign through initiatives like Make in India where we are manufacturing robots by utilizing high-end robotic technology. All these reasons make us the best private university in India for B Tech. Hurry Up!! Admissions are open for the session 2020-21!!

Digital Platforms: A new way of conducting seminars, conferences, and webinars

We all are aware of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and as the number of positive cases is escalating day by day, large gatherings including seminars and conferences are significantly discouraged. But thanks to the diverse digital platforms that have eased our way to communicate with each at the convenience of our home. Arya College Jaipur which is the best private engineering college in India has also benefited from these digital platforms and organized several Facebook live sessions with eminent personalities during the lockdown times. These sessions were highly engaging, knowledgeable, and motivated the participants to clear their doubts, queries, and confusion about their future post-COVID-19.

Although we were using digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter earlier also but the Corona crisis has taught us that how these online platforms can help professionals and institutions to boost their business or reach the prospective audience without physically meeting or approaching the individuals. Being the best B Tech college in India, we understand the power of these digital platforms. Moreover, video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and similar other applications are of great assistance as Arya Group of Colleges hosted a number of meetings and live sessions with the faculty members and students during the pandemic with the help of these virtual meetings apps. 

Most of the people were not aware of the term webinar before COVID-19 but now they are well aware that it is only the web version of the seminar. Unlike seminars, a webinar can be shared and viewed afterward also. Platforms like YouTube Livestream provide free and easy access for streaming live webinars while applications like Zoom enable the user to host virtual meetings, online courses, training, conferences, and webinars. As the best university for B Tech in India, with apps like Zoom Arya College Main Campus remained connected with its students. All this became possible due to unique features of the video conferencing apps such as flawless HD video quality, dual screen-sharing, crystal-clear audio facility along with voice detection functionality. 

As we all know that the present age is the digital age, therefore, individuals, businesses, and institutions who are hands-on with technology can only flourish in the future. Arya Group of Colleges Jaipur which is counted among the top 10 private engineering colleges in India lays great emphasis that students should remain aware of the latest technology so that any adverse conditions can be easily overcome by the input of the right technology. Thus, we have organized a number of Facebook live sessions on skill development and future opportunities to provide students with the right career guidance and direction post-COVID-19.