After Effects of Corona Pandemic in Education Sector

2020 was a nightmare for the entire world so does for the education sector. The pandemic created new measures for the educational sector, as the state and the central government announced to close the school-colleges until the situation gets in control. At that time the format of educating students and everything changed. However, to cope with the study, school and colleges started conducting online classes where the students just by sitting home can learn.

Is it effective? A big no…, but we need to do it because of the Pandemic. But, the best b tech college in India such as Arya College Jaipur still helped the students by providing notes & lectures through online classes in every possible way. Fortunately, things are coming under control and the government announced to reopen the school & colleges with precautions. Now, what exactly is changed?

  •  Learning pattern
  • Mode of learning
  • Educational atmosphere
  • Quality of education
  • Learning capability

And what not there are numerous things which we have not mentioned here have also changed. Almost after a year, when students will go to school or their colleges respectively, they might have not the same atmosphere as they were having earlier and the reason behind this is the Lockdown due to Covid-19. In this blog, we’ll see some common problems faced by students these days and how they can overcome their issues.

Listed below are the common challenges faced by them:

  1. They didn’t socialize with others other than their family members for a quite long time which might create a phobia of meeting new people out there.
  2. Might face some problems adapting to school’s and college’s environment after a long time.
  3. They’ve got used to the virtual learning it might take them quite a time to get back into the basics.
  4. They were at home, they didn’t do any physical exercise or learning which turned them into lazy beings and now there’s a lack of attention.
  5. Lack of interaction with teachers and other faculty members.

These are some common issues faced by students nowadays, and teachers and professors are doing their best to cope with you & your studies. Moreover, Arya College Jaipur is conducting counselling session where counsellors will help you how to manage everything post corona, get motivated and help to get back to your education again.

Artificial Intelligence: A rising career option for engineering students

In this new era of technology, artificial intelligence is flourishing very fast all over the world and now students are also looking forward to choosing it as a career. Some of the top 10 private engineering college in India are running 4 year degree course in AI and Data Science. In this blog, we will explore about AI and its future prospects. Before we get into the world of AI, let’s learn a little about what Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a computer program or it is a study of computer science where a machine possesses intelligence like the intelligence displayed by humans. As human beings we can learn by observing things, similarly, machines too learn from their surroundings, now over a while machine can also think on their own and many people see technology as becoming more like a human.

Amazon’s device “ALEXA” is one the best example of Artificial Intelligence. Ever since people initiated working on assorted prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology has been improving rapidly. Artificial Intelligence has exploited progress in every aspect of life and the education sector is no exception.

Talking about AI as a career, it is one of the booming sectors in technology as every virtue of these technologies has been put to its best use. Roles in this discipline are very nook, requiring both an advanced and technical background. It has become a vital part of human lives. From enterprises to households, AI technology is in great demand. Every person is using this technology in some or the other way. Moreover, it can be revised according to different age denominations and industrial sectors.

Students who look forward to AI as their career but are confused then Arya College Jaipur, the best B.Tech College in India, regularly conducts counselling sessions where students can resolve their queries and can choose the right path to go ahead.

How to make resume for your job interview?

As soon as you completed your graduation from the best B.Tech college in India, some of you will might go for higher education and some of you will apply for your dream job right? But what if you didn’t get a callback or a job is because you would not be able to demonstrate your skills and fulfil the requirements on a piece of paper & it won’t grab the interviewer’s attention. Don’t underestimate, it’s just not a piece of paper it’s something which will be along with you throughout your life & that is your Resume. Having a solid resume is what you need to get a job. Here in this blog, we’ll learn how to write an influential resume.

Before, we start let’s know what a resume is.

resume is a formal document that provides an overview of your professional qualifications, including your relevant work experience, skills and educational qualifications. Which you need to carry along with you while going for an internship or a job interview. It will help the interviewer to know you & your skills better just through your resume.

Below are steps on how to write a Resume-

  1. Choose the Right Resume Format- Choosing the right format for your resume according to your field is a must to do thing. 
  2. Give a brief about yourself- Only brief information about you is sufficient, it should always be crisp and to the point.
  3. Heading statement- Write about your “Career Objectives” precisely, don’t exaggerate too much, just make it sweet and short.
  4. List down your Relevant Work Experience –List down the companies where you did your internships, how long you worked there & mention what you achieved there in a proper format.
  5. List down Your Education Qualification – Write down about education qualifications from your high school to your graduation level. Put your qualifications in reverse chronological order with your overall grades.
  6.  Relevant Skills that Fit the Job- List down the skills you’re good at. Make an independent column for your Technical skills where you can write about it and it won’t create any confusion regarding your skills and technical skills.
  7. Certificate & achievements– Enlist all your achievements & certificates.
  8. Additional details– You can add on some more details about you like your extracurricular activities, how many languages you can understand and speak etc. But again make it sweet and simple!

Just like this only you can create a resume on your own and you’re ready to walk in for any job interview. Moreover, students can receive appropriate guidance from the experienced faculty at Arya College as it is the best private university in India for B.Tech. These are just steps on how you should write. You can make your resume with visuals where you show your skills in visual format instead of writing them down. It’s totally upon your creativity how to make it.

How to choose branches in engineering?

Students pursuing engineering might get confused about which branch they should go for their specialization. As this field has a wide range of choices along with future opportunities, therefore, it might take some more time to discover the area of interest. To help students overcome this confusion, Arya College Jaipur, the best college in India, regularly conducts counselling session for engineering aspirants every year so, that they can have knowledge about the field and can undoubtedly focus on their career path chosen.

So, without any further ado in this blog, we’ll uncover the numerous branches of engineering and how one should find out where their interest lies.

Listed below are the engineering branches.

  1. Computer Science – If you’re interested in, programing, coding & computer languages then you should go for CSE. 
  2. IT – Since technology is growing and evolving at a tremendous speed, students who know about computer technology and know how it works should go for IT.  
  3. Chemical engineering – If you can create or improvise an existing product & crave money, then this one is made for you. Also, it has got huge research possibilities.
  4. Bio-Technology – This branch is highly research-oriented. If you think you are an inquisitor & love to research things then you might go for it.
  5. Electrical – Well, if you want to work on a diverse range of technology then you can go for electrical engineering as there are numerous opportunities in fields like Smart Grid, Solar Tech, Renewable Energy, Battery, power stations, wiring, the lighting of the building, satellite communication, Robotics etc.
  6. Mechanical – If you’re in love with the automobile industry, can design and manufacture everything from small parts then this is something you can go for. 
  7. Civil – A civil engineer designs and oversees the construction of public/ private sector works. If you’re capable enough to develop the infrastructure of the buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, airports, water, sewage systems etc. then go for it.

As the best private engineering college in India, Arya Group of Colleges suggest that students should choose an engineering branch depending on the opportunity and challenges of each field but most prominently after considering their interest area.

Is B.TECH Computer Science right option for you?

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a 4 year academic programme that incorporates the field of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The programme primarily prominence the basics of computer programming and networking while also comprising an abundance of topics. B.Tech in CSE is among the top choices of courses for all engineering aspirants and students who are from a science background & loves coding, computer languages, programming and are confused about what to do after there 12th standard then engineering in computer science is something that they should go for. And for this Arya College Jaipur which is among the top 10 private engineering college in India offers the best courses for students where the student will uncover several aspects of Computer Engineering and can learn ample of things from design to management of computer hardware & software.

The faculty at Arya Group of Colleges is highly experienced and said to be the best faculty. In college, they provide several workshops for students where they can practically experience how will be the corporate world and how it works. They also provide scholarships to meritorious students and also organize counselling sessions for the students so that they have got a clear vision of their future. Moreover, the increasing demand for the course and its importance in the industry sector, a career in Computer Science Engineering is quite productive. Arya college is determined to help you fulfil your dream to reach your goals.

Live Your Dream With the Best Engineering College in India

Students who dream of pursuing engineering is way easier now as have some of the best institution for engineering in the country. Where they can explore their interest and turn their dreams into reality. Students who are seeking admission into engineering college have the best opportunity as ARYA COLLEGE Jaipur has everything one is looking for. Being the best BTech College in India it offers several courses in the field of engineering and provides you with everything. The faculty is also very supportive as they’ll help you to achieve your set goals. They also organize workshops for the student’s development.

And for those who wonder what should I do after graduation, for them Arya College provides counselling sessions so they choose their area of interest, and can go in any field of life. They can also go for higher studies, can do an MBA in different fields-like-Marketing, Banking and Finance, Data Analytics, Operations Management and Human Resource Management.

They’re also eligible for government jobs, can go into civil services or become entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs in Arya College, there is an entrepreneurship cell who is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among students. They invite various eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures to educate students about the joys and hardships of entrepreneurship. After graduating from the best private engineering college in India one can easily uplift their life and career opportunities and continue to walk in every field of your choice.

Why is it important to choose the right career path?

Choosing a career after passing school has always remained to be one of the most difficult decisions for students. Although India is known to have the largest youth population across the world, most of them are confused regarding career options. Thus, it is important to channelize the energy by providing them the right guidance regarding career opportunities. Arya College Jaipur being the best B. Tech college in India regularly conducts counselling sessions for students to help them understand and explore the diverse career options in a particular industry. Thus, students can develop the required mindset especially before taking up any particular branch of engineering.  

As the best private engineering college in India, at Arya College, we generally emphasize to students that career choice should always be kept above the college choice. This will enable students to engage more deeply in the chosen career path and help in developing a more understanding of the profession. Although college matters enrolling in an academic program where you have the least interest is not at all beneficial for the students. Therefore, students are advised to always make the right career choice as a single decision gives direction to their entire life.

Benefits of Learning Ethical Hacking Skills For Students

As per a recent report by CISCO, 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet by the year 2030? The rising number of cyber attacks and threats to cyber security has raised the demand for ethical hackers. Ethical hacking is the authorized practice of bypassing the system security to recognize any potential data breaches and the existing threats in a network. According to Arya College Jaipur which is the best B. Tech college in India, Cyber Security Engineers are increasingly employed by the top multinationals to perform ethical hacking to find out the potential threats and to test the system’s defenses. Thus, motive and intention are the primary factors that differentiate ethical hacking from unethical hacking. 

Cyber security is known to be the fastest-growing area in the field of computer science. Systems have become more vulnerable and prone to attacks from all around the world. Every organization and business entity is quite conscious when it comes to protecting its data and assets. This unlocks the requirement for skilled hacking professionals and therefore at Arya Group of Colleges, computer engineering graduates can explore the job prospects in the field of cyber security and ethical hacking. As the best private university in India for B.Tech, we emphasize students learn the advanced techniques of ethical hacking so that they can come up with ample security options that can be of great assistance during security breaches.   

In addition to this, becoming a Certified Ethical Hacking professional offers you a rewarding career in the top organizations. Graduates can be appointed as cyber security experts in the IT industry. The demand for skilled hacking professionals is more than the supply and this is the reason why the companies are ready to pay handsome salaries to these professionals. As the best university for B.Tech in India, we believe that learning ethical hacking skills allows the professionals to carefully investigate the system and weak points of the network that can be exploited by the black hat hackers. 

Exploring employment opportunities in non-traditional areas can benefit students as they can learn new skills and enhance their future career prospects. Arya College is determined to provide quality education to students that meet the global standards. Being counted among the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, the college offers ample learning and development opportunities to students where they can explore their true potential and can end the quest for a successful professional career. 

Re-inventing the Engineering Education in the Post Covid Era

Technology has played a huge role during the COVID-19 crisis in all sectors but its contribution to the education sector requires a special mention. Although the arrival of the vaccine has put the people at ease, proper safety and precautions need to be still followed. The crisis has greater implications for all those who are directly or indirectly associated with the field of science and engineering. Arya College Jaipur as the best B Tech College in India emphasizes the need for higher educational institutions especially those who are into imparting technical education to better equip them to meet the greater challenges that might arise in the future. Not only crises like COVID but engineering graduates are expected to provide innovative solutions for other global problems like cyber security, climate change, and the growing population and decreasing resources. 

Reports suggest that a huge percentage of 1.3 million engineers who graduate annually are not found suitable for employment. It is always felt that the state of engineering education is far from encouraging. Therefore, reforms are required at all levels to enhance the educational standards to create engineers who not only focus on self-development but aim for the development of the society as a whole. As the best private engineering college in India, we also know that that engineering graduates from the country have fuelled the success of top IT companies and have made major contributions to their development. 

Arya Group of Colleges believes that adopting a problem-solving approach should be the major priority for higher educational institutions. Having years of experience and ranked among the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, it has been observed that engineering graduates can bring much innovation and some of the best opportunities not for themselves but for the greater good of society. Students should be motivated and encouraged to take up challenging tasks and should come up with solutions that can be applied to a real-world problem. In a developing country like India, technology is the biggest challenge and therefore, tech-savvy professionals are the need of the hour as most problems can be solved by adopting the right technology. 

In addition to this, developing an entrepreneurial mindset among engineering graduates is also one of the important requirements for reshaping the structure of engineering education. Arya Group of College Jaipur is continuously working to make the education structure more experimental for the students and encourages students to innovate and build while carrying on regular studies. As the best university for B Tech in India, the college provides ample opportunities for students to explore and work on their ideas as the industry always welcomes innovative and fresh ideas from young minds. The RTU Innovation & Incubation Centre for Start-Ups is the one such initiative taken to engage students to come up with ideas that can be turned into practical solutions for diverse problems.