Book Launch Event at Arya College Main Campus

Arya Group of Colleges (Arya Main Campus) organized a book launch event of the book ‘O girl, You are Precious’ written by the author Nupur Dhingra on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The Chief Guest for the event was BJP State President Satish Punia. Dr. Puja Agarwal, Vice President, Arya Group of Colleges welcomed all the guests, and thereafter the event started. Sharing some excerpts from the book, the author told about the storyline which is based on one of the major social evils, i.e. women harassment at the workplace. The story is about a girl who faces such issues and how she dealt with these issues is enchanting tales that can make anyone fall for it. The author also said that this is a burning issue for all females working in the corporate sector.  


The book launch ceremony was a hearty event and the author tried to highlight the changes that society is going through in terms of women empowerment. Although women have empowered themselves by securing top-level positions in the corporate sector in a patriarchal society, women’s harassment at the workplace has also emerged as one of the major social issues which need to be addressed on an urgent basis. The purpose of writing the book is to inspire women regarding such social evils and how to achieve victory over these without impacting their social image. Dr. Puja Agarwal gave a vote of thanks to all the honoured guests and appreciated the author and her efforts in raising awareness about such social issues. Arya College Jaipur counted among the top 10 private engineering colleges in India regularly conducts such events to inspire and aware students. 

How the Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Arya College helps to fulfill the dream to own a start-up?

With reducing job opportunities and students shifting from the traditional job sector towards start-ups, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Arya College Jaipur has a great role to play by providing the right guidance to the students. Being the best private university in India for b tech, the EDC nurtures and mentors students who dream to become successful entrepreneurs. Right from the generation of ideas to the evaluation of future opportunities, the cell regularly organizes workshops, seminars, and niches of entrepreneurship where budding entrepreneurs can interact with successful entrepreneurs. Not only the opportunities, but the cell also provides all essential information to students regarding the challenges and risks associated with the start-ups. 


Last year Arya College organized TEQIP-III Sponsored Innovation and Startup Competition (ISC) 2020 that allowed students to participate in the competition and come up with their innovative idea. Having an EDC at the best private university in India for b tech makes students aware of the potential risks associated with starting their own venture. In addition to this, interaction with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs helps students to learn how to manage the ups and downs in challenging situations and further avoiding this in the future. The cell inspires students to chase their dream to become successful entrepreneurs and at the same time excel in academics also. The various start-up competitions provide ample opportunities for students to explore their talent and dedicatedly work on the idea and come up with practical solutions to real business world problems. Thus, the EDC cell provides innovative minds the right direction to young minds so that they can transform their creativity and talent into practical solutions. 

Career Options for Students in Electronics and Communication Engineering

The decision to choose a branch in engineering at the best b tech college in India is considered to be a tough decision. Similar to other branches, Arya College also offers academic programs in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The combination of electronics with communication has become the cornerstone of the digital world. Right from smartphones to computers, television, and ultra-modern satellites, the field of electronics and communication engineering is considered to be indispensable for all industries. Students choosing this branch have great career opportunities such as Electronics Engineer, Service Engineer, Communications Engineer, Network Planning Engineer, Electronic Design Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer, Technical Director, etc.


Let us have a brief insight into each of these job roles.

Electronics Engineer: With the rise in the electronics industry, there is greater demand for electronics engineers in the market which has created a lot of opportunities for the ECE aspirants. 

Desktop Support Engineer: The job role has greater relevance in both the IT and Non-IT industry. These professionals are responsible for resolving basic issues with the computer systems, fixing server problems, and security-related problems that can affect the business operations. 

Network Planning Engineer: These professionals play a major role in maintaining the internal and external networks of the company. Their primary job is to administer computer networks which include hardware, configurations, and system software. 

Being counted among the top 10 private engineering college in IndiaArya College Jaipur provides learning facilities to students in RF Electronics, Embedded System, Wireless Sensor Network, Signal Processing, Communication, VLSI, and related area so that students can tap the opportunities available in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. 

Importance of Group Discussion in MBA Admission Process

Master in Business Admission (MBA) is one of the highly preferred programs students like to pursue after graduation at the best b tech college in India such as Arya College. The colleges take many personality assessment tests such as Group Discussions (GD), Personal Interview (PI), Case study discussions, Essay Writing, etc. for assessing a wide range of aptitude, personality, and interests of the students. Among all these, group discussions are considered as one of the important parameters where a student’s ability to collectively work in a group is analyzed to arrive at a solution to a problem or develop a perspective by providing a piece of information. Such kinds of evaluations enable the colleges to analyze whether the particular students possess the qualities such as critical thinking for becoming an effective manager.


According to experts at Arya College Jaipur, one of the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, such skills reflect the ability of the students to know how they can accomplish a task in an unstructured situation by making some kind of order and finding practical solutions to the problem. The process helps in revealing some of the personal characteristics and traits of the students such as leadership, teamwork, motivating skills, convincing skills, and other similar traits that are relevant to become efficient managers in the future. Moreover, activities like Group Discussion also help to know how a candidate reacts in a group when other members do not agree on his/ her opinion. Thus, it also helps students to practice anger management and avoid becoming violent in the group in case the group members disagree with their opinion. 

Opportunities in the Pharmacy Industry in the Post COVID Era

According to the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), the post-COVID period is considered to be highly competitive for the pharmacy sector both in the world and the country. The employment opportunities will be increased at an alarming rate in the future for pharmacy graduates and researchers. Arya College Jaipur, the best private engineering college in India, suggests that there is an urgent need for a continuous supply of competitive workforce for the Indian Pharma industry to remain competitive across the globe. Therefore, institutions and colleges delivering pharmacy education have the responsibility to deliver quality education so that it can generate a competent workforce.  


Moreover, with the advent of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, there is a need to understand how the pharmacy sector can benefit from AI technology. The role of AI in the healthcare industry has been well known during the pandemic conditions and therefore, students having the knowledge of AI can be a great asset to the pharmacy or any other industry. Arya College being the best college in India has analyzed the importance of this and started a B.Tech program in AI and Data Sciences. Pharmacy graduates have job opportunities in both the private and government sector. They can apply for government jobs such as drug inspectors, hospital pharmacists, government drug distributors, etc. To summarize, the pharmacy sector is offering promising and enriching careers both at the country level and the global level to the graduates.  

Skill you need to become a successful Mechanical Engineer

Like other fields of engineering, a career in mechanical engineering is also highly lucrative and rewarding. Pursuing engineering from the top b tech college in India such as Arya College allows the students to build the essential knowledge, understanding, and educational background that are necessary to grab placement in some of the top multinational companies. The core job of mechanical engineers is to design, build, and test mechanical devices such as machines, tools, and engines. Along with hard skills, excellent IT skills, knowledge of industry standards, they are also required to have soft skills such as good communication and analytical thinking. Some of the skills are as follows:

Problem Solving: Resolving the problems raised by the clients or the employer is one of the key jobs of mechanical engineers. Therefore, they should have good problem-solving skills and they should be strong analytical thinkers. They should be able to analyze the test results and should adjust designs accordingly. 

Creativity: Mechanical engineers design a range of products from batteries to electric generator medical devices etc. A product is designed and developed after completely understanding the requirements and applying high creative thinking. This allows them to come up with the best product in a given time frame by managing all challenges. Arya College Jaipur is the best private university in India for b tech in Jaipur and has state-of-the-art laboratories with the latest machinery and equipment to understand every aspect of the machine designing process. 

Communication and Leadership: Good communication is required in all professions, but it becomes all the more important for mechanical engineers as they have to explain complex machines and devices to people who are not familiar with all this. The complete idea and the purpose of the device have to be conveyed in a lucid manner and effectively. Therefore, leadership with strong communication skills can be of great assistance in your career. 

Arya Group of Colleges, the best private engineering college in India regularly conducts personality development workshops and seminars where students are taught how to master and develop essential soft skills for a successful professional career. 

How to resolve the dilemma to choose the best engineering college in India?

Your dream to become a successful engineer can be fulfilled only when you make the right selection of the college. But choosing the best b tech college in India is one of the most difficult decisions especially when you have a long list of colleges. Then what to do? At Arya College Jaipur, we believe this is a decision that is a turning point in many students’ lives. Therefore such decisions have to be taken very carefully considering a number of parameters and criteria. 

All these will help in making the right choice of the college along with the course so that the students can make the most of their precious four years of their college life. Here we are sharing some important points that will help students choose the right college.

 Engineering branch: When you Google the list of top 10 private engineering colleges in India, you may get the list of best colleges but what about if you are not able to get your desired branch. Thus, it is the foremost factor to consider because you might get the college based on the rank but are you getting the branch you want to study? This is an important consideration before choosing any college. 

 Placements: When you are spending lakhs of money on making your career, it is an obvious question to consider because every college can provide placements but what matters is quality placement. Having necessary accreditations ensure the education standard and big corporate groups consider this before campus placement. Students should check websites for past placement records of the said college before making a final choice. 

 Extra-Curricular activities: Extra curricular activities do not always relate to sports and cultural activities. At the college level, it includes seminars and workshops that are regularly conducted for students to get a better understanding of the respective industry in which the students will go to work. This is one of the key characteristic features of the top private engineering colleges in India that allow students to think beyond academics. 

 Apart from this, there are other factors like infrastructure, faculty, transportation facility, hostel facility, student exchange program, etc. that can play a crucial role in choosing the right college. Arya College has all these facilities and that’s why students prefer to choose the college because they get ample opportunities for growth and development.  

Arya College Jaipur Celebrated International Women’s Day 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Arya Group of Colleges (Arya Main Campus) organized ‘Women Achievers Award 2021 Season -3’. The event was organized to honor, recognize, appreciate and felicitate women for doing exceptional work for mankind and Nation-building in their respective fields. Shri Satish Poonia Ji, Rajasthan State President, BJP was the Chief Guest of the event and shared his views for women empowerment in the state and also appreciated Arya Group for organizing such an event for acknowledging women for their commendable work for the society.

The chief guest was greeted and welcomed by Dr. Arvind Agarwal (President, Arya Group of Colleges) and Dr. Puja Agarwal (Vice President, Arya Group of Colleges). Arya Group felicitated 43 Women Achievers from various fields like Education, Science, Arts, Sports, and Literature & Fashion for their extraordinary contribution. All the women achievers were presented with an appreciation letter for making an outstanding contribution in their respective fields.

The various categories apart from the above mentioned were Social service, Business, Entrepreneur, Media, Mountaineering, Writing, Radio Jockey, Singing, Corporate Alumni, Jewellery, Modeling/ Acting, Event Management, Blogging, Woman Bike Rider, Army, Administrative Service, Music Band, etc. The event was a hearty affair and all the guests enjoyed the event a lot.

Importance of College Sports in Student’s Life

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is a famous proverb which highlights the importance of fun activities in an individual’s life. When it comes to students’ it becomes all the more important as they require a holistic development approach where there is equal balance of studies and games. Therefore, at Arya College, the best private engineering college in India, adequate sports facilities have been provided for major sports such as cricket, football, tennis court, lawn tennis, basketball court, badminton court, Volleyball court and carom. Sports help in developing a sound mind which results in good physical and enhances the overall personality of the students. 


Recent studies have shown that indulging in any kind of sports helps students focus better which improves the overall academic performance. Thus, they can score much better as they are quite clear regarding the goals and objectives. Moreover, students can develop fitness habits which are of utmost benefit in the long run when they will be having hectic schedules in corporate. These busy schedules can take a toll on their health if they are not serious and concerned about their fitness. 


Apart from this, playing sports benefits students by building a number of specific skills that are of great significance in both personal and professional life. This includes leadership, confidence, teamwork, patience, trust, time management, self-reliance etc. These skills can be used for problem solving and can help in reaching better outcomes. Keeping in mind all this, Arya College Jaipur, the best b tech college in India, provides ample opportunities to students to excel in the field of both sports and academics. 

Civil Engineering and its future aspects

Students who have a mindset of designing or love to construct, design & build but looking for an engineering degree and is confused about what to choose and what not to? Arya College Jaipur, the best private university n India for b tech organizes counselling session for students who are in a dilemma about civil engineering or any other branch and after they can do a little research on that.

Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, encompassing public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, railways etc. It is a 4 year degree course divided into 8 semesters. Doing your B.Tech in civil engineering from the best Engineering College in India will open numerous doors and you can learn about so many aspects of the physical world through a practical and theoretical approach.

In, this blog we’ll get to know what is the eligibility of the course, future aspects and growth in this sector. Before, weave any dream of yours, you should first learn the eligibility criteria of the course which you’re heading to:

  • The candidates must have passed the 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, as their main subjects from a recognized board.
  • They should secure min 50%-60% marks.
  • The admission process of the B Tech program is done through the entrance exams such as – JEE Main, JEE Advanced, MHCET, KCET and some colleges conduct exams individually.

After you complete your degree in civil engineering there will be ample opportunities waiting for you as it is a huge field- the employment/business areas of civil engineers are construction firms, Defense Forces Development, Boards Municipal Bodies, renewable energy projects, and many other firms.

And as we all are aware of the fact that India is a developing country so here the scope for civil engineers are tremendously high and it’s never going to be the end. Growth in this sector is high but it is difficult to get on the top because there are several people out there who’re trying their best to get into the best and reputed firm. Listed below are the companies that hire civil engineers:

  • Hindustan Construction Company.
  • L & T.
  • DLF.
  • Tata Projects.
  • Gammon India.
  • Sobha Developers Ltd.
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Company.
  • Unitech.

These are some of the top firms you can apply. The hard work, out of the box ideology and the right guidance from the faculty members at Arya Group of Colleges, the best b tech college in India, will help you to achieve your set goals.

Best of luck!