After Effects of Corona Pandemic in Education Sector

2020 was a nightmare for the entire world so does for the education sector. The pandemic created new measures for the educational sector, as the state and the central government announced to close the school-colleges until the situation gets in control. At that time the format of educating students and everything changed. However, to cope with the study, school and colleges started conducting online classes where the students just by sitting home can learn.

Is it effective? A big no…, but we need to do it because of the Pandemic. But, the best b tech college in India such as Arya College Jaipur still helped the students by providing notes & lectures through online classes in every possible way. Fortunately, things are coming under control and the government announced to reopen the school & colleges with precautions. Now, what exactly is changed?

  •  Learning pattern
  • Mode of learning
  • Educational atmosphere
  • Quality of education
  • Learning capability

And what not there are numerous things which we have not mentioned here have also changed. Almost after a year, when students will go to school or their colleges respectively, they might have not the same atmosphere as they were having earlier and the reason behind this is the Lockdown due to Covid-19. In this blog, we’ll see some common problems faced by students these days and how they can overcome their issues.

Listed below are the common challenges faced by them:

  1. They didn’t socialize with others other than their family members for a quite long time which might create a phobia of meeting new people out there.
  2. Might face some problems adapting to school’s and college’s environment after a long time.
  3. They’ve got used to the virtual learning it might take them quite a time to get back into the basics.
  4. They were at home, they didn’t do any physical exercise or learning which turned them into lazy beings and now there’s a lack of attention.
  5. Lack of interaction with teachers and other faculty members.

These are some common issues faced by students nowadays, and teachers and professors are doing their best to cope with you & your studies. Moreover, Arya College Jaipur is conducting counselling session where counsellors will help you how to manage everything post corona, get motivated and help to get back to your education again.

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