Solar Energy

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India is the world’s third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity. Electric energy consumption in agriculture was recorded highest (17.89%) in 2015-16 among all countries.  Though at present, the per capita electricity consumption is low compared to many countries despite cheaper electricity tariff in India. We still have villages, which are in engulfed in darkness despite the potential of our landscape. However, with the growing population, urbanization, and industrialization the consumption is likely to grow. We need to be prepared to meet the requirements and be future ready.

Owing to it’s diverse landscape, India has surplus power generation capacity but lacks adequate infrastructure for supplying electricity to all. With its growing positioning as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India can’t afford to stay in dark and electricity is one of the most fundamental needs of its people.

In order to cope with the lack of adequate electricity supply to all the people in the country by March 2019, the Government of India has launched a scheme called “Power for all”. This scheme aims to ensure continuous and uninterrupted electricity supply to all its villages, towns and cities and of course the industries and commercial establishments. The Indian government is rigorously creating and improving necessary infrastructure to buttress its goal.

Thus, Apart from the conventional source of energy that is dominantly fossil fuel, India is looking at unconventional sources such as hydro, solar, wind power etc. India’s renewable energy sector is amongst the world’s most active players in renewable energy utilization, especially solar and wind electricity generation.Fortunately, India is endowed with ample amount of Solar Energy and generation potential. And making use of its assets wisely is the way forward.

Rooftop solar power is a revolution that is widespread across the country and the world. Backed by favorable government policies, India is all set to be one of the largest generators of solar power in the world.

The fresh uprising in this sector has noteworthy socio-economic effects for India. Be it job creation or empowerment of people in energy-deprived regions of the country. both to regions that have little to no conventional source of power, and Distributed construction – primarily rooftop solar PV power plants – will take part in a major job in bringing solar power to developed urban centers that have grid power but not enough to hold their rapid extension.

All hands and minds need to come together as a single force to participate in the revolution to make it a success. The pledge to make India ‘darkness- free’ can sustain only if all the stakeholders participate wholeheartedly. Colleges and other educational institutions will play a significant role in this transformation, not only in creating awareness about solar energy amongst their students but also by utilizing rooftop solar power to demonstrate that they are already part of the future. The benefits to the institution, its faculty, students, and to society at large are massive which is why many of India’s most famous educational institutions have already installed large rooftop solar power plants on their rooftops.

The use of solar power has grown both in residential and commercial use. Educational institutions have caught up on solar plants as it’s an excellent investment as well as an opportunity to make its contribution towards the country. As a social responsibility project at Arya College, to has adopted solar power for their campuses and facilities, it is developing solar capacities of 1 MW or higher.

With solar power on campus and in facilities, the college is leading it’s way to renewable energy. It is setting a trend for other institutions to follow, and it is taking advantage of its vast solar resources to educate students on renewable energy.

Renewable energy is energy from sources that are naturally replenishing but flow-limited. They are virtually inexhaustible in duration but limited in the amount of energy that is available per unit of time. Given the aggravating condition of the resource, It is the call of the hour and a matter of utmost importance. It is commendable that Arya College has chosen to pay heed and responded with a solution to address the issue.

Arya College has installed solar panels on its rooftop to not only satisfy its in-house needs. Most noteworthy is that the project thus installed, is the one lead by its own Alumni and its existing students of the Electrical branch.

Not only does Arya College plan to fulfill the in-house needs but the remaining will be injected to the main Grid. Arya’s approach is futuristic and progressive.





Electric Machines & Magnetic Field

Good Morning,

As we know, today’s world is growing at very fast pace, keeping in mind of various technological innovations and the basic requirements for all such innovations brings my focus to Electrical Energy.

For all such actions available to a common man, the availability of minimum & sufficient supply of electrical energy to each is essential. So for this entire let us have a basic knowledge of Electrical Machines and the very important work done by magnetic field which made this a possibility and not a dream.

    The key point is       

“Why we use Magnetic field only as a medium of conversion in the design of electrical machines”

Take an example of Transformer –a static, non linear device used to change the voltage levels at a constant frequency. Under normal operating level voltages, electric field strength developed will be very weak. In contrary even by having very less magnitude of current, we can develop a strong magnetic field by increasing number of turns. Maximum allowed energy density for air with respect to magnetic field is more compared to electric field. In other words we can say that for a given power rating, the size of machine, volume of material requirement and the cost of machine will be less with magnetic field compared to electric field.

By the study of various experiments carried out by famous scientists like Oersted, Ampere and Faraday’s the use of magnetic field in electric machines and its behavior characteristics were made clear to us, for example by Oersted’s experiment the generation of magnetic field by passage of electric current .Next Ampere’s experiment which gave us knowledge about the direct proportionality of magnetic field or flux to the current if and only if system is linear. Finally the Faraday’s law which thoroughly explained the induction of EMF by a changing flux that brought about a revolution in the electrical engineering.

So let us face the reality , a lot has been done in the field of electrical engineering and a lot is yet to be achieved and meet the requirements .A little step by all the members of electrical fraternity and also by all those who uses it can change the present scenario of Electrical Energy generation and requirement.


Top Guns

We meet to part & we part to meet, 

Saying adieu is a most difficult thing, especially when it comes to college life which is surrounded by numerous memories and bond of friendship to students. 

A farewell, A function, A celebration, A Party and wrapping all with memories that when we call goodbye with good wishes to our final year students.

Since college inception, this event is always celebrated with huge enthusiasm and lot of energy. It takes a lot of efforts from students and college both so students can be made ready to face future challenges. It can be seen and felt that after 4 years student turn to a better human and trained engineer, celebrating all those 4 years and the combination of all memories which students and college spent and made together make the farewell party. 

The best part of the entire evening is that final year student shown a lot of love and respect to their mentors, teachers giving a real meaning to Guru Shishya tradition. We always feel to cherish this tradition. Farewell is always seen and observed as a touching moment for student and teachers. The bond of excellence, achievements, winning is seen between the students and teachers. 

Farewell is not just to say goodbye but to energise the coming batches and to impart them with a lot of energy so that they can repeat the saga of success and keep faith to reach the epitome of success. 


Victory – Arya Group of Colleges jaipur

Victory- A Gala Annual Event organized by students in the month of April every year. As name states, Victory provides a stage wherein student get open chance to showcase skills, creativity and talent. This annual event is a synonym of winning and success which motivates students to start their upcoming academic session which much joy, positive energy and creative thoughts.

Arya Group of Colleges have a huge gamut of students which makes VICTORY one of the biggest celebration/event of the year. It is a fusion of cultural and techno cultural activities. A complete one day is dedicated to this event which starts from the morning and runs throughout the day.

Victory is also known as awarding stage where students get awarded and recognized for the achievements they have done in particular year. Since the inception of Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur, Victory is glamorized and attended by known personalities of state and nation from the field of Government, Arts, Bollywood Industry and person of social and national importance.

Dr.Arvind Agarwal, President-Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur say that – “Annual events play a pivotal role in shaping up students skills and confidence, therefore, cultural events should be a mandatory part of all academic institutions”

Arya Group of Colleges understands the importance of life skills which student requires being a productive and proactive individual. To shape up a student into a assetful citizen of the nation, all-round development is needed and certainly, events like Victory has an important role to play. Since three years Victory is gained a lot of presence in the state of Rajasthan and thus many colleges from different parts of state and city are now taking enthusiastic participation in this techno-cultural feast.

Victory is able to attract many sponsors from various business houses from Jaipur and other cities like Pune, Delhi , Bangalore etc which is testimony that Victory has gained a lot of presence. A purely student-oriented activity which is organized by students provides something more than then a cultural event.

Dr.Puja Agrawal, Group Director-Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur says that “We seek to make our events bigger every year. These events are much helpful in providing leadership skills and organizational attitude to students which indirectly help them to keep their intellect on the right path.

“Youth of today which is exposed to all information in this e-age have a lot of energy and ideas- The only concern is to utilize them in the right direction,” says our Advisory board of Arya College Jaipur.

Not only Academic but cultural strength is a niche of Arya Group of Colleges-Jaipur and with this approach success and fame is inevitable.

“All Powers is within you; You can do anything & Everything” Swami Vivekananda


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