Cinema on Wheels: Arya College Jaipur coordinated for RIIF

Arya Group of Colleges (Arya Main Campus) coordinated the screening of various nominated movies in rural areas during the 5 days Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIIF) that was organized between 20th to 24th March 2021. The innovative concept of “Cinema On Wheels” was used during the festival which was also the main attraction of the festival. The movies and documentaries associated highlighted some of the major social issues such as education, health, environmental protection, etc. The audience for the event included various segments of society which included school children. Thus, awareness about some major social issues was generated among the audience. 


Talking about Cinema On Wheels works on the principle of 3Es. These include Educate, Entertain and Encourage. The concept enables to educate and empower the students with audio-visual material where these facilities are not easily available. Further, movies are a good medium for educating and generating awareness. Further, movies not only help in raising public awareness but also express their personal view and opinion about social issues. Thus, as the best private university in India for b tech, we believe that it is the student community who needs to be aware as the ones who can bring real change in society. 

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