Engineering Education in India

Education has turn out to be a subject of much debate in India. In the exceptional area of engineering of education, the Indian education researches have resulted in unparalleled growths, exceeding all other regions, resulting in circumstances of tremendous unevenness.

While making an entry into engineering, one would have high hopes about his/her future engineering education. Frankly, one would found the engineering education for most pieces, worked out in such a manner that it restrains all serious eagerness and creativity for creation, study or as well eagerness for overall capability growth.

The motive for this was largely due to the incompetency of most of the faculty members to narrate practice and theory. Most engineering college faculty members by no means had any real industrial experience. They entered academic line of work immediately from their institutes, and what they knew was mainly what was mugged up from the text books or literature! Though, there are some exceptions found in last few years when engineering colleges have started training sessions for their faculty, together with hiring trained teachers.

This has ultimately resulted to the increment in engineering education quality in India. If we pick a single city, let’s say Jaipur, we can find close to hundred engineering colleges and over a dozen private universities. These institutes have made engineering a reputed stream in educational field. There are institutional groups, including Arya Group of Colleges and a few more, which have contributed positively to the education industry.

On the other hand, the situation in the industry is too not extremely cheering. The HR departments of most of the companies are packed with beginners with no experience in the mixture of appropriately experienced technical people.

Why India does not maintain speed with the rest of the world is because of ‘small’ things like this.

It is high time that both industry and government think and device of manners by which movement of engineers from industry to academics and vice versa is eased without much problems.

In brief, there should be a condition aiding easier movement of engineers from both sides!

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