When India achieved Independence in the year 1947, the major concern for the Indian government was to establish a strong root of education in every field to make India a literate country. Under this, the technical education also took birth to make the country and its people capable of facing real challenges. A number of institutes and education governing bodies were introduced after this under which, management, science, technology, arts and every subject became a matter of concern for the government.

The duty of these educational institutions was to make candidates competent with hard core intelligence, confidence and independence which they can get after taking higher studies. In different parts of India, this concept was developing at a very faster pace. Today, the India education system has completed its agenda. We already know the names of IIT and IIM which are known for their extraordinary competence and outstanding students who take education under these institutes. With this, there are many other institutes which provide the opportunity of higher education to the candidates to make their future bright.

AICTE Affiliated College

The need and importance for education is now realized by every Indian citizen and it encourages them to plan their academic journey and career path. With so many colleges and universities, there are many students who are impressed by the technical education in Rajasthan. There are numerous colleges in Rajasthan which have proved their competence in the form of capable students who are now placed in big companies and are earning well.

Institutes like Arya Group of Colleges are contributing to the growth of strong India. They all are approved by AICTE which can be said as the education governing body of India. Every student wish to study in an AICTE Approved Engineering College as such colleges provides high quality education with qualified and experienced teaching staff. All India Council of Technical Education was found in the year 1945 with the objective of providing high education to the citizens. With continuous monitoring and planning, India is providing the best talent in the world. Students are been called by foreign companies for recruitment and their intelligence is so much visible to the whole world.

There are some particular exams and tests which are conducted for the candidates and are used as one of the eligibility criteria for them. Students have to pass this examination to get admission in good colleges.

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