UGC and HRD Ministry are steadily assuming the role of Big Brother in Engineering Education

Prime Minister called the 16 IITs to educate brilliant minds the “science of thinking and the art of living”, challenging them to turn up with new technologies in healthcare, defense, for common citizens in their everyday lives. Ironically, recent Big Brother-like steps by the education system of government to force the IITs into following unimaginative and staid UGC course standards will finish up damaging the exceptionally creativity and innovative spirit that PM is pleasing to the IITians.

New UGC rules after the quarrel above the 4-year undergraduate program at DU originally forced private universities to wisp a few ground-breaking programs. After that the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, was forced to rename and tweak a course. At last, UGC bureaucrats decided to expand the freezing hand of state rule over IITs as well, telling them to go after UGC standards. When two IIT directors complained that their institutes are administrated by a separate Act of Parliament by means of no UGC authority, the HRD ministry allegedly guided them to list out non-conforming courses and reconsider them in cooperation with UGC mandarins.

The PM must repair down on all such attempts to hamper with IITs. They are a worldwide calling card for India and stay an unusual bonfire of brilliance in an or else bleak landscape of higher education specifically for the reason that they have had full independence to direct their affairs up to now. A few administrators sitting in Delhi may please the domineering natures of Big Brother but there can be nothing not as good as for creativity and education.

PM proclaimed lately that the Planning Commission would be agitated. And thus a good way to look at UGC is as the Planning Commission of the educational division.

When it comes to produce the engineers who can represent the country on global platform, the role of private universities and colleges cannot be overlooked. Considering this, Arya Group of Colleges has started the additional programs to complement the efforts made by the Government of India.

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