Will Your College End Up Like Detroit?

While taking admission in a college people take all the aspects of it, starting from its infrastructure to its faculty and eminent personalities who have completed their education from the same place. But what if you wake up and while reading a newspaper, you find that the college which you have attended just for a month has gone bankrupt. That would be the worst nightmare you could ever have, isn’t?

Education on the internet is developing day by day. Big colleges or universities have created their online portals from where students can access lectures of different subjects, whereas, classes  in the college building have decreased a lot. It is being predicted that these classes will completely diminish, or their cost will be significantly reduced.

Fee Structure

Before you go to take admission to any college, try and ask about the fees charged. Schools and colleges are no more being funded by the state. If they are, their percentage has declined tremendously. If we look at it from the other side, it was the taxpayer’s money which was being supplied to them. There are  colleges which ask for a large amount for different classes. The cherry on the cake is that, they refuse to give any relief or discount to the best students. In addition to this, they simply decline to lower their tuition fees.

You also need to look at reports connected to the college. Is there any mention of cutbacks in staff and facilities? Is there any dissatisfaction among the teaching staff on unpaid dues? Is the management talking about reducing the courses? All these are clear indicators of an institute that is in trouble. Ensure that you check with the interviewers about such published reports. It always makes sense to be prepared beforehand. Do not fear that it may paint a negative picture about you.

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