How to make resume for your job interview?

As soon as you completed your graduation from the best B.Tech college in India, some of you will might go for higher education and some of you will apply for your dream job right? But what if you didn’t get a callback or a job is because you would not be able to demonstrate your skills and fulfil the requirements on a piece of paper & it won’t grab the interviewer’s attention. Don’t underestimate, it’s just not a piece of paper it’s something which will be along with you throughout your life & that is your Resume. Having a solid resume is what you need to get a job. Here in this blog, we’ll learn how to write an influential resume.

Before, we start let’s know what a resume is.

resume is a formal document that provides an overview of your professional qualifications, including your relevant work experience, skills and educational qualifications. Which you need to carry along with you while going for an internship or a job interview. It will help the interviewer to know you & your skills better just through your resume.

Below are steps on how to write a Resume-

  1. Choose the Right Resume Format- Choosing the right format for your resume according to your field is a must to do thing. 
  2. Give a brief about yourself- Only brief information about you is sufficient, it should always be crisp and to the point.
  3. Heading statement- Write about your “Career Objectives” precisely, don’t exaggerate too much, just make it sweet and short.
  4. List down your Relevant Work Experience –List down the companies where you did your internships, how long you worked there & mention what you achieved there in a proper format.
  5. List down Your Education Qualification – Write down about education qualifications from your high school to your graduation level. Put your qualifications in reverse chronological order with your overall grades.
  6.  Relevant Skills that Fit the Job- List down the skills you’re good at. Make an independent column for your Technical skills where you can write about it and it won’t create any confusion regarding your skills and technical skills.
  7. Certificate & achievements– Enlist all your achievements & certificates.
  8. Additional details– You can add on some more details about you like your extracurricular activities, how many languages you can understand and speak etc. But again make it sweet and simple!

Just like this only you can create a resume on your own and you’re ready to walk in for any job interview. Moreover, students can receive appropriate guidance from the experienced faculty at Arya College as it is the best private university in India for B.Tech. These are just steps on how you should write. You can make your resume with visuals where you show your skills in visual format instead of writing them down. It’s totally upon your creativity how to make it.

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